Thursday, 3 September 2015

Row by Row Washington quick tour!

Tuesday morning I decided to do a quick tour of Row by Row shops in Washington State.  I wanted to get a few more rows and not face the Labour Day traffic.  I rolled into Stanwood 15 minutes before Cotton Pickins open!  I've not been in this shop for awhile and enjoyed my refresher visit.

They have lots of lovely samples and many styles of fabrics to enjoy.
 Bright Pastel corner.
 Graphic modern twists on old designs.
 I forgot to take a picture of their store sample but the row in person is spectacular!
 Next I went over to Bellevue to check out another row by Pacific Fabrics, this is my third one of their five.
 A reminder of how the whole five rows look together in their window.
 I got this lovely tone on tone grey to add to my neutrals.
 Off to QuiltWorks Northwest, they had three versions of their row on display. Grey skies.
 Slightly bluer, but still raining.
 Grey and raining, as it was this sort of day that I was experiencing along the drive!
 Oops, I took a picture of the shop and then found out I was only supposed to take pictures of the rows.  Hope they don't mind this one picture being shared.  They also have a large selection of beads and wool applique supplies available.
 My bootie from this stop.
Then I headed towards downtown Seattle to find the fourth Pacific Fabrics location in SODO.  Of course this camera fabric spoke to me.  Can't leave home with mine most of the time!

I drove over the Hood Canal bridge during a rainstorm.  First stop was the fifth Pacific Fabric shop.

I definitely could have used one of these to get into ArtCo.  I've never been to this store before it is similar to Hobby Lobby with a small fabric corner and lots of craft related items.
 Couldn't pass up those cute turquoise buttons and the snowman and snowflake combination.

A short drive away is Calico Threads, they featured the Hood Canal Bridge in their 2014 and 2015 row.  Next month is their third anniversary!

 This was the winning quilt submitted to their shop.  Nicely done don't you think?
 Love the butter yellow walls to show off the samples and designs.
 Lots of fun things to choose from and they have a small wool and Valdani thread selection also.
 Loved this scissor fabric.
 I was heading to Pouslbo and realized there was a shop in Gig Harbour, so I quickly exited and check the address and found Quilt Revolution.

Love how the snail trail block looks like waves in their row.
 Three rows of fabric on each stack, something for everyone!
 A collection of sewing machine and sewing supplies on top along the wall.
 Another angle of this well packed shop.
 Hand crank beauty.
 Old wooden spools.
 I bought some of the raindrop fabric as that seemed to be the theme of the weather. Thankfully most of it fell while I was driving.
Next stop was Pouslbo and a new store in town called The Quilt Shoppe it recently opened up.
 Here is her row.
 Some lovely kitted patterns.
 Rooms filled with fabrics in this old house.

Whimsy for a wee pirate.
 Floor to ceiling you have a choice of things to purchase and inspire you.
 I picked up this lovely Batik for another water inspired applique I hope to start soon.

 My last stop for the day was at B's Fabric Fun & Sewing.  Her row is lovely and I got there five minutes before she closed!  She was also gracious to share driving directions to the other shops in her area.
 This is a great shop, I wish I had stayed longer but knew she wanted to close up for the night.
 Lots of inspiration in this shop.
 I love black and white fabrics and this Sketch called my name.
 I did drive up to Port Gamble thinking I would spend the night there but ended up driving back down to Bremerton. I think after going to ten different fabric stores and about 300 miles/500 km. it was time to rest.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Package in the mail!

My dear friend Anna in Sisters Oregon sent me a lovely package with more than a few surprises in it. When I went down to the outdoor show, the Stitchin' Post had already sold out of their 40th anniversary row by row experience licence plates. Anna was able to get me mine before they sold out again!

She also sent along two others from Fabric Depot and a pattern I missed, the surprise of the one from Cool Cootons, a shop I've not been to. Also included was the grey and white Valeri Wells fabric and a very cue card. Thanks Anna you are a true gem of a friend!

Wednesday I did a bit of blue stash enhancement with a surprise of apricot from Stitch 'n' Bobbin in North Vancouver.

Then a quick trip to Fabricanna on the way home to see if they had any snowflake buttons for a friend when I saw these lovely three ribbons calling my name.

Not a bad day for hump day! And best yet woke up to rain this morning which hopefully will help with the ongoing forest fire fighting!

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Slow stitching Sunday.

Another look at my first Bird Dance block.

Drizzle stitches for the topknot, woven picot over the wool beak.

Wing detail.

Love those bullion knot feet.

Block two.

Added a few bullion stitches to the beak, I used some of Sue Spargo's Eleganza cotton Perle thread for the beak.

Sea grass French knots and drizzle stitches.

Cute feet again.

Block four. Missing some threads hope to get them at my wool group Wednesday.

Fly stitch, French knots, back stitch. Cute wonky feet.

A start on block four.

Decided to add some bullion knots around the circles, may backstitch the orange ones and blue ones.

Even wonkier feet.

Time to do a bit of stitching on block six.
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